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Marquee Letters


Officially launched in the Fall of 2013, we are proud to be the only source for illuminated Marquee Letter props and Bespoke Candy Buffet services in London and Southwestern Ontario. Our business was created from a desire to offer high end, awe-inspiring event props and services.


Marquee Letters make an amazing addition to your corporate event, conference or gala. There is something magical about illuminating your entrance, stage, or dance floor with these amazing, handmade letters. Standing 4 ft tall and 2 ft wide, these fabulous letters will have your guests gasping with excitement!  We have a wide combination of Marquee Letters and can create thousands of words! We might just have your perfect word!


What is a Candy Buffet? A Candy Buffet is a bright, colourful, and super delicious buffet filled with your favourite candies – sweet, sour, baked and savoury! Our buffets are created with the finest candies (sourced locally) and are set up on a magnificent display that will have your guests hearts racing and mouths watering! Candy Buffets have been a popular choice at weddings for the last few years! Many couples love the idea of a “take-away” for their guests, which can be enjoyed throughout the entire day! Nostalgic candy that reflects the couples’ favourite childhood memories, all wrapped up and themed around their wedding – it adds a certain charm to a wedding! And take our word for it, your guests wont be able to get enough of it! Our Bespoke Candy Buffets start at $4.00 per person and includes; a great selection of candies, jars, labels, scoops, and favour bags. Upgrade your candy buffet with our amazing selection of custom displays and bars! 

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