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Have you found that planning events internally has become a time consuming and costly endeavour? Internal Event Committees are a great idea in theory, but with other work commitments, lack of time, and limited resources, it can make the planning process challenging. Twelfth Night Events can help! We offer Corporate Event Planning services which include becoming your honorary in-house Event Planners! 

Whether you are planning your AGM, employee golf tournament, or simply an internal awards & recognition event, we have the talent and resources to make your event happen efficiently and seamlessly. Our team of professional event planners will work alongside your Event Committee to:

  • Generate themes to enhance your event
  • Manage a high-level budget outlining forecasted and actual costs
  • Assist with vendor sourcing and negotiations 
  • Create a comprehensive event plan
  • Assist with marketing your event
  • Monitor and track registration
  • Oversee all aspects of logistical management 

Contact us to customize an event that fits your corporate culture, budget, and strategic goals.

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