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4 Fresh Bridesmaid Dress Trends

There is no question that selecting the perfect Bridesmaid dress can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider – colour, style, length, and of course, price range. One thing is clear, you want a dress that will complete your theme and look great on all of your girls. We’ve selected our top picks for Bridesmaid dress trends for 2015!


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Colour Blocking

The use of colour blocking has become a popular trend in the fashion world. Although everyone loves to play around with these looks in their closets, it isn’t something commonly seen in wedding attire. Do you love this style? If so, why not incorporate it into your Bridesmaid dresses? This style allows you to bring your personal style and wedding colour palette into your wedding, and makes it stand out from tradition. Colour blocking can be easily done with the addition of accessories, using different colours in your bridesmaid’s shoes and clutch. Thinking of going neutral in dress colour? A bright pop of colour in the accessories is a great way to colour block, and everyone is sure to love your unique twist on tradition.

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 The Infinity Dress

The infinity dress isn’t new in the wedding world, but we are showcasing it because it is timeless. With the ever popular maxi-dress trend, this dress has re-surfaced and has become increasingly popular over the last year or so. This is one option that your girls will absolutely love, as they can add their personal style and individuality into their choice. Are you having a hard time finding a dress that will flatter all different body types? Do your bridesmaids have a wide range of styles and preferences? Look no further. The infinity dress comes in any length, and can be styled into dozens of different necklines. Your ladies can play around with it and really make it their own! A great company to check out is Two Birds Bridesmaids – they have a variety of colours and tons of different hem styles – and their website is equipped with style options and tutorials to make it that much easier!


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All White

Throw out every customary tradition you thought you knew and get behind this awesome trend! There are 2 ways to pull of this amazing look: if you’re not wearing a traditional white bridal gown and have opted for something in blush, champagne, black, etc. Or, if you’d prefer to blend in a little more with the help of Team White! There will always be mixed reactions to white bridesmaid dresses, especially amongst your older guests, but we say: Dare to be different! Dressing your ladies in all-white is like giving them a blank canvas – you can have so much fun with their bouquets and accessories! Adding pops of colour to your bridesmaid look and keeping yourself in all white will keep you different from them, in a more subtle way. 

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Courtesy of Pinterest


Having each bridesmaid in the same dress but a different shade is something you will start to see more and more. It’s a gorgeous look, and your ladies will love the idea of having their own colour! Which ever colour you have in mind for your girls, break it up into a different shade for each of them. Have the lightest shade on your maid of honour, with each dress getting gradually darker as it climbs through your bridal party. You can incorporate this effect into the groomsmen’s ties as well to complete the look! Your possibilities are endless with this one, and the best part? It will save you a ton of stress when picking out your table linens. Your photos will turn out beautifully, and everyone will be raving about how beautiful everyone looked!


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