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A Luxurious Style Shoot with Red & Gold Details!

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When wedding planner Lauren De Koster of Twelfth Night Events dreamed up the concept for this styled shoot she had a very specific theme in mind: luxurious. “We wanted something romantic, dramatic, and rich in colour and texture,” shares De Koster.

The Burroughes in downtown Toronto was the ideal venue within which to bring this luxe, modern vision to life. “We worked to create a style that would complement the intricate detail of the space,” De Koster explains. “Our goal was to show brides how beautiful a wedding can be when you think outside of traditional colour palettes and design.”

Photography courtesy of Eric Rockburn from Red Button Photography.

Location: The Burroughes
Bridal gown: Petrov Bridal
Cake: Every Occasion Cakes by Martha Zacharias
Groom’s tux: Joseph’s Clothiers and The Dapper Company
Wedding planner: Lauren De Koster from Twelfth Night Events
Hair and makeup: Vanity House and AlyCat Hair & Makeup Artistry
Flowers and decor: RL Designs Inc
Stationery: Primarily Paper
Marquee letter rentals: Bespoke & Word
Chair rentals: Detailz Chair Couture
Catering rentals: A & B Party Rentals

Burroughes_011 Burroughes_018 Burroughes_021 Burroughes_023 Burroughes_025 Burroughes_027 Burroughes_029 Burroughes_034 Burroughes_035 Burroughes_036 Burroughes_037 Burroughes_038 Burroughes_039 Burroughes_041 Burroughes_043 Burroughes_046 Burroughes_047 Burroughes_049 Burroughes_050 Burroughes_051 Burroughes_052 Burroughes_053 Burroughes_056 Burroughes_059 Burroughes_062 Burroughes_063 Burroughes_066 Burroughes_067 Burroughes_068 Burroughes_069 Burroughes_070 Burroughes_071 Burroughes_073 Burroughes_075 Burroughes_076 Burroughes_083 Burroughes_084 Burroughes_085 Burroughes_088 Burroughes_092 Burroughes_098 Burroughes_101 Burroughes_102 Burroughes_105 Burroughes_106 Burroughes_110 Burroughes_111 Burroughes_114 Burroughes_129 Burroughes_135 Burroughes_138 Burroughes_142 Burroughes_144 Burroughes_154 Burroughes_157 Burroughes_164 Burroughes_167 Burroughes_173 Burroughes_175 Burroughes_178 Burroughes_179 Burroughes_181 Burroughes_182 Burroughes_183 Burroughes_187 Burroughes_191 Burroughes_196 Burroughes_202 Burroughes_203 Burroughes_204 Burroughes_210 Burroughes_215 Burroughes_216 Burroughes_217 Burroughes_225

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