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Top Tips for Booking Your Wedding Vendor

253085_435030543204995_1993660489_nWe know that choosing wedding vendors can be tricky! Read our Top Tips to Know before Booking Your Wedding Vendor – it will help make the process easier!

Do Your Research when Hiring a Planner!

If you are considering hiring a Wedding Planner, make sure they are properly certified and trained! There are many wonderful recognized Certification programs out there, so anyone who is serious about being a Wedding Planner should already have their certification. Make sure you ask the tough questions – Who are you certified with? How long have you had your certification? Do you have any further education in this field beyond your certification? How many weddings have you done? A little “Google” goes a long way! Read reviews and ensure their reputation matches their sales pitch!

Do Homework Now & Book Later!

Thanks to the new generation of internet users and social media outlets, free websites and Facebook pages are sprouting up everywhere! Take the time to do your homework and make sure you really know who you’re meeting! Do they have a website? Facebook Page? Twitter? How many followers do they have and how often do they post? What are the quality of their posts likes? Are they simply reposts from others? These indicators, though only a small one, will help you understand how experienced and how engaged they are in their business. If they rarely post or have very little likes, this might be an indicator to how much time they focus on their business! Of course, Facebook Likes can always be misleading (and often hard to get), so only use this as one of many aspects you consider when researching!

When choosing vendors – set up interviews! It’s very important to meet them in person! Check out their work and make sure you click on a personal level! Come prepared with questions to ask that will matter to you: How many weddings do you book on a weekend? How frequently do you like to meet?  Ask for a few references before booking – you need to know what past brides have experienced! At Twelfth Night Events, we open our references up to any of our past weddings – so our potential brides can find a past bride that matches their style to connect with!

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NEVER Pay to Meet a Professional!

If you’ve reached out to a potential vendor and they’ve quoted a price just to meet them, keep looking!  You should NEVER have to pay for an initial consultation – under any circumstances! Consultations are an opportunity to meet/interview a potential vendor to see if you like them, if your styles match, etc. – it should never be a business transaction.

Hire Full Time Professionals!

There are so many businesses out there that “dabble” in other professions on top of working a full time job. We always recommend that you hire professionals who work in their industry on a full time basis! Why? Planning a wedding is a full time job – you know this already – that’s why you are reading this blog! If you hire someone who doesn’t have full time hours to commit to your wedding, how can you trust they will be able to devote their time to you, or will even be in business when the time comes to plan your day? We try to book as many full time vendors for our clients, as possible! We believe that our clients need full time devotion to their day! You should never have to work around your vendors schedule for meetings, responses to emails or phone calls, etc. A full time vendor can meet you any time, any where…within reason of course!

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