Even Wonderwoman had a Sidekick!


Who didn’t grow up loving Wonder Woman as a child? I certainly did – I had Wonder Woman wallpaper on my bedroom wall at my childhood cottage and spent hours looking at the paper in adoration. Wonder Woman was an amazing woman who solved crimes, caught bad guys, and all while maintaining a perfect appearance and demeanor. But even Wonder Woman needed a sidekick.

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over a decade and have been planning weddings and events from a venue’s perspective, and as an Independent Event Planner, for 6 of those years. In those 6 years, one thing remains the same… trying to tell a bride she can benefit from a Wedding Planner is never well received.

As young girls, many of us dream about our perfect wedding day. We pick our dress style, the colour scheme, our bridal party, and sometimes we already know who the groom will be. For many, planning a wedding is like a right of passage – there is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with planning the perfect wedding and many women feel threatened at the idea of hiring a Wedding Planner. Many are worried that hiring a professional to assist with the planning will make them look inadequate or that they somehow failed… However, in our industry, and from my personal perspective, it’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Whenever I receive a call from a bride, inquiring about one of our packages, my first response is to congratulate them for making the decision to hire a planner. We truly feel it is the smartest decision a bride can make for her wedding day.

A common misunderstanding about Wedding Planner’s is that we are going to come on board and take over everything, leaving you in the dark and taking all the credit. That is so far from reality. We work alongside our brides, as their assistant or as a “sidekick”, to ensure their planning process is smooth, stress-free, and the day runs perfectly. For those brides who have it all under control, there is still an opportunity to enjoy the services of a wedding planner, even if you planned the entire wedding on your own – we call it “Day of Wedding Coordination”.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a Wedding Planner for “Day of Coordination”, if you haven’t already considered it:

1. The Stress Factor – This one should go without saying really, but hiring someone to manage the day just makes sense. It takes all the stress and worry of the day away from you, your bridal party, and any other family member or friend you were considering roping into helping on the day of your wedding. You get to wake up on your wedding day relaxed and enjoy the day with a nice breakfast, have your hair and make up done, have a few pre-wedding photos taken, and enjoying every moment of one of the happiest days of your life. But you don’t have to worry about how everything is going to get done on time, because there is someone in the back ground doing everything for you.

2. Time is on Your Side – Many brides think they can do it all. They have spent the past few months creating all these amazing DIY (Pinterest inspired) elements that are going to set their wedding apart from every other. They want to run their own bar, have a DIY photo booth, do all the décor themselves to save money, and even bring their own Late Night Buffet. But on the day of your wedding, how do you intend to do it all and still have time for hair, make up, photos, and the most important – relaxation? Most venues don’t let you move in the night before without paying a fee, and if they do, they aren’t going to promise it to you until the week of your wedding. So many brides decide to set up on their wedding day. They, and 10 of their friends and family members, will come in at the crack of dawn and set up all the DIY and décor on their own, place centrepieces, guest favours and then run home (at the absolutely latest possible time they can get away with) to have their hair and make up done, and then rush back for the ceremony…Sounds like a fun day to you? Not to me! A Day of Wedding Coordinator will meet with you a few weeks before your special day and go over every single detail that you want to incorporate on your wedding day – including all of those DIY elements. On the day of, we go to work and we make sure the room looks exactly as you envisioned and dreamed of. And the best part? We STAY for the ceremony, the cocktail reception, and the dinner to make sure everyone else is doing their part to make it perfect.

3. We Manage the Day – As we already touched on in our last point, a Day of Wedding Planner is there to manage your day. We make sure all of the vendors arrive on time and with the items promised, we work with the caterers to be their eyes and ears for food service and timing, we ensure the flower girl makes it down the aisle and we make sure all of the important traditions are taken care of for you. Many brides know exactly what traditions they want to incorporate into their wedding and know they want 5 of their friends and family to speak at their wedding… they may even know exactly when they want these things to happen… but on the day of, and in the moment, all that perfectly planned timing goes out the window unless there is someone monitoring it. Wedding Planners keep the wedding on track and ensure the speeches happen, the bouquet toss happens, and every other detail takes place exactly as you wanted it. We make sure you get to have all of those amazing traditions you always wanted, while ensuring you are enjoying the day.

4. Our Job Carries No Resentment! – Quite honestly, Wedding Coordination is what we live for. Making sure your wedding is perfect is our passion and it’s what we sign up for when you hire us. Your bridal party on the other hand, did not. They did not sign a job offer or contract to become your personal assistant, when you asked them to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen and it’s not fair to ask. It’s so common to hear a bride say she has a large bridal party who will be helping set everything up. What is more common is hearing that their bridal party didn’t live up to the expectations and they were so stressed out. Did you know that 99% of our clients were that bridesmaid? They were the one that was forced to help out, and call us because they refuse to be that bride to their party – Very thoughtful and so smart. The simple fact is this – when you hire us, we don’t carry resentment. We don’t carry a lingering dislike for you and tell all of our friends how much we dread your wedding because we have to wake up a 5 am to set up. This is what we live for and we WANT to wake up early and help. So be considerate to your bridal party, your family members, and anyone else you were considering asking to help hang paper lanterns from a rickety old ladder, and HIRE A DAY OF WEDDING PLANNER!

5. We are Worth Our Weight in Gold – A few hundred dollars spent will get you an Award Winning Day of Wedding Planner with years of experience and professional training (well, if you hire Twelfth Night Events as your Planner of course). Perhaps you think that’s too much money? Before you rule it out, think about the value of our fee – we alleviate your stress, we keep your bridal party happy, you’ll remember only the positive elements of your wedding day, and every detail you dreamed of will be met. You wont know if one of your vendors ran late, if there was a mix up with the rentals, if Aunt Thelma is on the verge of embarrassing you because she is drinking to much, and you don’t need to worry if someone snags your bustle. We come prepared with solutions, crisis management, and a handy little emergency kit for any possible emergency. We orchestrate the perfect day for you and all of your guests. Can you see the value now?

Considering hiring a Day of Wedding Planner? Congratulations on making a great choice. We would be honoured to speak to you further about your day and our packages. Send us an email at events@twelfthnigthevents.com or call us at 519-637-8037. We’d love to hear from you.

Also consider our Month of and “Complete Planning” packages to take even more of the stress away.

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