Planning DO’s for the Pinterest Bride

Popular e-zine,, asked our Creative Director, Lauren De Koster, to share her Top Planning Tips for the Pinterest Bride – read her top tips here:

With the popularity of Pinterest and so many brides taking on DIY projects for their wedding, we asked Lauren De Koster, owner and principal wedding planner at Twelfth Night Events in London for some advice when it comes to DIY wedding projects.

Here are Lauren’s top five do’s for the DIY Pinterest Bride:

1. DO: Use Pinterest as a source for inspiration!

This new website has become a virtual wedding planner for every bride! It’s a great resource for inspiration and theme elaboration! However, use it as one of many sources – not the be all and end all!

2. DO: Be realistic of your talent pool!

Everyone wants to be a master crafter but in reality, it’s truly is a talent that not everyone is born with! Incorporating handmade elements into your wedding day is a fabulous way to make it personalized.But be realistic! If you weren’t crafty in your pre-wedding planning life, chances are, you still aren’t! So chose items that are easy to recreate and are simple. This will ensure you avoid frustration, stress, and tears over trying to glue the lace perfectly around the mason jar!

3. DO: Know their role!

Just because you want a DIY wedding with handmade elements everywhere, doesn’t mean your bridal party wants to take on DIY projects. Yes, they’ve signed up to be a part of your special day and they want to help make your day perfect. But they did not sign on for the full time job of helping you save money for your wedding.

4. DO: Put value on your time and money!

It may appear as though making everything yourself will save you money over buying it preassembled or rented from a décor company, but be realistic here. Most brides don’t have a craft room full of supplies, papers, and other raw materials to create perfect centrepieces or floral arrangements and this gets costly. People who make crafts and art projects often, have a huge supply of products that make their life easier, and those supplies can take years to build! It’s not an inexpensive hobby and it can really add up once you start! It might save you money, if you find a great deal, to create your own centrepieces, but remember – you have to buy it, assemble it, and set it up before the wedding, and sell it afterwards!

5. DO: Hire a Wedding Planner!

We save you time, money, stress, and unnecessary tears. And the best part? It IS our full time job to make your wedding day perfect! So sit back and enjoy your engagement while we put the time and energy into making your day the best day of your life. Almost every wedding planner (and especially Twelfth Night Events) offers packages to suit any budget and bride. You can have as much, or as little, involvement as you like. You can even hire us just for the day of your wedding to make sure it’s all set up perfectly while you and your bridal party are pampered. Believe us, you (and your family and friends) will thank us.What’s more, your time should come with a value too! You work a full time job, maintain a social life, and have personal commitments (other than the wedding) to think about. Don’t add another full time job to your already hectic life. Take steps to make the planning process easier and less stressful by hiring the right people and the right vendors to do your dirty work.

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