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Planning a wedding can be a daunting and time consuming task. If you are recently engaged and starting to feel overwhelmed with wedding planning, it might be time to consider hiring a Wedding Planner. If you’ve been following our posts, you already know that there are many reasons why a Wedding Planner Helps. We save you time, money, stress, and sanity during a very important time in your life. Most importantly, teaming up with a Wedding Planner allows you to enjoy the planning process, as well as your engagement.

Choosing the right planner for you is so important! You need to ensure that you are selecting a reputable company, who will be able to execute your vision, keep you on track, and make the process as stress free as possible. Most importantly, you need to ensure you are hiring an experienced, seasoned planner, that you can connect with. Interviewing potential candidates for the role is very important, and we always encourage a face to face meeting when possible.

Here are important questions to ask your Wedding Planner:

Are you available on my date?

Seems obvious right? However, this is a really important question to ask during your initial inquiry. You don’t want to waste valuable time meeting with someone who isn’t actually available on your date. If you are interviewing a team of planners, like Twelfth Night Events, it’s important to know which Planner would be available on your date so you can meet them specifically. If they aren’t available, but you are flexible, you might want to meet them anyway. Finding the right Planner, who isn’t available on your date, can be an easy fix if you are flexible. We’ve worked with many brides, who have changed their wedding date to accommodate a specific planner from our team that they wanted to work with! After all, it’s all about the connection.

How many weddings have you planned?

These days, with the invention of Facebook Pages, pop-up Wedding Planners seem to be everywhere! It is important that you do your research and hire a reputable Wedding Planning company, that has experience in planning more than just their own wedding. Ask them how long they’ve been in business and how many weddings they’ve planned (that weren’t friends or family member) This is an important question as their virtual presence can be misleading. Learning about their history will help you understand how they work, and how you can expect to work together. Established Wedding Planning companies plan between 20 – 25 weddings per year, so it is important that you understand how you will work together over the next year or so.

What was your experience prior to planning weddings? Are you certified?

This is an important question. Why? See question 2! There are too many “pop-up” Planners out there, who claim to be experienced planners but actually have little to no real experience in the industry. Why does this matter? Surely, everyone has to start somewhere? You are right, they do have to start somewhere – but do you want it to be with your wedding? Hiring a Certified Wedding Planner, with real experience in the industry, is always the way to go. The aspiring Planners can get real experience by working with established planners – they don’t need to own their own business before they are experienced. Learning about what they did before starting their business will help you gauge their experience and expertise. At Twelfth Night Events, we pride ourselves on having an extensive hospitality background, which means we can use our industry knowledge to work for our Clients. Check out our testimonials to see how we’ve done this for past Brides.

Do you plan weddings on a full-time or part-time basis?

To us, this is a make it or break it question. If your Planner isn’t full-time, how can they possibly devote themselves to your wedding on a full time basis? After all, isn’t that why you are hiring someone to help you – because you can’t devote your time to planning full-time? There are many planners out there who have full-time jobs in a completely unrelated field, and “dabble” in Wedding Planning in their spare time. Kudos to them for their time management skills, but this definitely impacts their performance as a Planner and your response time and efficiencies may be drastically delayed by their lack of availability during work hours. You should never have to work around your vendors schedule for meetings, responses to emails or phone calls, etc. A full time vendor can meet you any time, any where…within reason of course!

Please explain your package in detail. What services are included and what would we be expected to do on our own?

Every Wedding Planner offers a variety of packages for their Brides and it’s important that you understand exactly what those packages include. For Full Wedding Planning, the industry standard is 10% of the final budget, with a minimum fee to establish their clientele (minimums can vary depending on your city). Understanding what “Final Budget” means, and when that is determined is very important. From a Planners perspective, it is important that you also understand our packages, how we create our fee structures, and what is included. It is crucial that you understand exactly what services are offered with each package, how many meetings you can anticipate having, how many hours they will work on your day, and what you will be expected to complete on your own. Hiring a Wedding Planner will help you in many aspects of the planning process. However, there will still be a considerable amount of work you will need to complete on your own – especially if you are having a DIY wedding! Learning exactly what is covered will set realistic expectations and avoid disappointment down the road.

Can you share some examples of how you’ve saved your Clients money?

Every Wedding Planner claims that they can “save you money”, and so they should – it’s an important part of what we do! However, claiming you can save money and actually saving money are two very different things. Ask your Wedding Planner to share a few examples of how they can (and have) save their Clients money. This question will allow your Wedding Planner to show off their success stories, their vendor relationships, and experience. It will also enlighten you on exactly what you can expect, as well as showcase the value of a Planner, in case you weren’t already convinced.

Tell me about an experience where something has gone wrong for the Client, and how did you fix it?

Planning a wedding is an emotional roller coaster. For the Bride, you want everything to be absolutely perfect and flawless. However, the reality is that every wedding will have a hiccup at some point in the planning process, and there are usually one or two small ones on the day of. For this reason alone, we think it is crucial to have a Day of Wedding Planner! Having a team in place that can quickly and efficiently solve problems, find solutions, and keep your stress level down is important. Like any interview, a behavioural question like this will help you distinguish a pattern on how your Wedding Planner can help. Their experiences will show you how they work under pressure and how they have turned a negative situation into a positive one. No matter how well you plan, or how organized you(or your planner) are, there will always be “something” that pops up when you’re trying to manage multiple vendors. Believe us, we’ve got examples to prove it – but don’t worry, our brides are none-the-wiser until a solution is found.

Do you have references I can call?

References are very important. You wouldn’t hire a new employee without checking their references, so hiring a Wedding Planner shouldn’t be any different. If you want to know how their past Brides felt about their experience, the best thing to do is give them a call and ask them a few questions. Hearing experiences directly from the Bride can make all the difference. As a Wedding Planner, I could try to “sell” you on why you should pick me, but I would rather connect you with our past Brides, so they can tell you first hand why we are London Ontario’s most sought after Wedding Planning Company! Of course, references are only as good as the information given, but if you plan the right questions to ask, you can easily determine if the Bride was real and genuine.

Those are just some of the questions you should be asking a potential Wedding Planner. By asking the above questions to each of your candidates, you should be able to make an informed decision on hiring your Wedding Planner.

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