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Vendor Testimonials

The connections we make with the vendors hired for our clients far outlast the wedding date. We focus on building strong and lasting partnerships with the Wedding Industry’s finest vendors for many reasons – our main reason is to make each and every wedding we plan perfect for our clients. Having a strong connection will ensure our clients get the best possible wedding planning experience. Read what some of London’s top hospitality professionals had to say about working with Twelfth Night Events.



10333322_556453791141300_6691458023691229326_o“Twelfth Night Events is nothing but professional and never fail to accommodate to your every want and need.  They are not only the most passionate and efficient wedding planners in the industry, but they also always seem to develop a long lasting friendship with their clients. With their precise attention to detail, we have seen nothing but beautiful fairy-tale weddings come to life. As makeup artists and hairstylists at Taz Hair Co. in London, we are nothing but blessed to work with these amazing wedding co-ordinators on a monthly basis. They will ensure you will be at ease on your wedding day as well as the whole process leading up to it. They have created some of the most gorgeous and elegant weddings that are always customized to the bride and groom’s own personal style.  We continually look forward to working with this great group of individuals as we know the day will be organized and run smoothly.  We can’t thank them enough for their continued hard work and dedication to their craft!”  

Taz Hair Co. London


“My team aab-party-logond I at A&B Party and Tent Rental have had the pleasure of working with Lauren and Twelfth Night Events over the past 3 years. Lauren and her team have a palpable passion for creating unforgettable experiences for their clients – exhibited by their unwavering professionalism, meticulous organization and immaculate taste. Working with Twelfth Night is always a seamless experience for the staff at A&B.”

A & B Party & Tent Rentals London

NOVAMARKINA_TIMELINE“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Lauren from Twelfth Night Events both personally and professionally on a number of occasions. Lauren, beautiful inside and out exudes a contagious enthusiasm for every event she plans. Making you feel like nothing less than her most important client, her attention to detail is second to none. She is not only reliable and friendly, but also professional and efficient in the execution of every project!”

Nova Markina Photography

ElmHurst Logo Full CMYK

“Here at the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa, we love working with Lauren and the team at Twelfth Night Events!  They are everything you would want in a wedding planner…knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, punctual, commanding (yes, you want this!) and professional.   They think outside the box and pay attention to your wants and needs.  We have witnessed the team take many wedding to the next level and allow the bride and groom to relax and focus on each other, their guests and simply enjoying their day!   We recommend Twelfth Night Events not only because we love to work with them but they are truly passionate about making your wedding dreams a reality.”

 Elm Hurst Inn & Spa



“From a DJ’s perspective, our entire team loves working with Lauren and her team at Twelfth Night Events. We know that when we work with her team, the entire event will run smoothly and seamlessly from beginning to end. Often her team helps with duties that would otherwise be our responsibility, such as cues for the music at the ceremony and lining up the wedding party. This lets our DJs focus on being the best DJ they can be. However, the most important aspect of her job is that she never books boring events – we know when we’re with Twelfth Night, it will be a party! – DJ Alpha”

DJ Alpha



“I’ve had the pleasure of glamming a few weddings that Twelfth Night Events have planned and things went off without a hitch! One of my brides mentioned she originally thought hiring a planner was unnecessary or excessive, at the beginning of the planning process, when I was doing her makeup day of, she couldn’t put into words how much stress Twelfth Night Events had lifted off her shoulders and that she couldn’t imagine having done it without their help! Planning, being uber organized and nailing down timing is not everyone’s forte, this is a huge stressor for so many brides. Being in the industry I have seen it all, I have seen stressed out brides, stress free brides, and everything in between. Not only from experience with my own brides but being a bride myself, I know some extra dollars in the end is worth your peace of mind and ability to actually sit back and enjoy your day! The day you have been planning since you were a little girl. Let someone else do the worrying so you can do the enjoying and experiencing! Live each moment the day of your wedding and be able to do so with Twelfth Night Events.”

Makeup by Brittany

FireRockLogo2“Having worked in the wedding and service industry for almost 20 years, I have worked with many Wedding Planners. None have ever been great, until I worked with Twelfth Night Events. Lauren and her team have more experience and knowledge than any other event planning company I have ever worked with. They are unbelievably professional and their attention to detail is far superior to anyone else in the industry. In my professional opinion there is no other planner that will get you to and through your day like the TNE team will.”

Fire Rock Golf Club

Logo_HRM_Photography_PINK“It is always such a treat when we know we will be working with Lauren and her team at a wedding. When Twelfth Night are part of any event, as photographers we can rest assured knowing that not only will our clients be able to sit back and truly relax and enjoy the day knowing everything is taken care of, but we also know that the 12th Night team will go above and beyond to make sure all the vendors are coordinated together and communicated with throughout the planning process to ensure that we can all work together making the clients have a flawless event. On more than one occasion I’ve seen Lauren quickly, quietly and efficiently save the day without the slightest hint to her clients that anything has gone off track. An investment you can’t overlook!”

477152_395847830449428_1008618904_o“Hands down, no question, working with Lauren and Kassia makes my life and job so much easier and more enjoyable. As a professional musician and DJ of 15+ years, I have done countless events.  Too few of those, have involved an event planner. Over the past year though, I have had the privilege of being hired and recommended by Twelfth Night Events for many events.  From a vendors perspective, the sheer organization and diligence of these two ladies makes for a very professional day.  All the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed and even when a guest or Bride or Mother of The Bride throws a giant curve ball right before a big moment, Lauren and Kassia handle it like it’s no big deal.  I cant tell you how much I appreciate having them there when I perform.  As an artist, its important to kind of centre yourself before you sing a bride down an aisle or begin a solo performance in front of hundreds of people.  Lauren and Kassia take care of all of the small important details of the event and all I have to do is show up, get centred, and rock the house!  No trouble-shooting electricity issues, or incorrect stage riders, or poorly planned weather contingencies. The girls have it covered! Having Twelfth Nights to throw to, allows me to give the best of myself to my clients and their guests.  I wish they  were involved in every one of my events!” 

“Twelfth Night Events has an amazing team and the events are always seamlessly put together. There is no guessing when we deliver to an event that they’ve put together – there is always someone to greet us, a table ready for us to set up our treats and someone from Twelfth Night Events is always willing to help us with the setup. They make it all look easy! If I could describe them in one word, it would be: flawless! I really enjoy working with them and would highly recommend their team to help you with your next event!”

11000880_909697565739480_7042510597418072775_n“What can I say about Lauren and her team – ORGANIZED!!!!! Event/Wedding Planner extraordinaire! we always know when Lauren has control over an event, she makes every other vendors job that much easier and in turn more relaxed and fun. She has many creative tricks up her sleeve. You won’t be disappointed Alice Alycat promises!”

971596_732301103465980_1660855864_n“What most people don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes. Lauren and her team are so engaged with your wedding day that they really do become like your best friend that wants to keep up with everything that’s going on, as they work their magic with their know-how and connections. You’re not just getting professional service, you get to create and enjoy a great relationship.”

PaperBoatCreations-Logo“It’s always a pleasure working with Lauren at Twelfth Night Events. She tackles each event with precision and professionalism. She is a true expert, she stays within budget, delivers on time and exceeds expectations. She has a knack for communicating ideas and seeing them through to fruition! She truly is an event planning visionary!”

jorge-polio-photography“As a photographer, having Twelfth Night Events handling the wedding makes my job just that much easier. I have zero doubts about their organization pertaining to the wedding timeline, handling of unforeseen situations, and their attention to details. Their fun, energetic, and professional attitudes makes them a dream team to work with and I praise to my clients all the time! If you’re looking for perfection on your big day, then look no further then Twelfth Night Events” 

10934113_357653931097612_1335324451827631009_o“To describe Twelfth Night Events as an event planning service would be such an understatement. Being an on-site bridal hair specialist gives me the privilege of sharing in on some of the most treasured moments of a bride’s wedding day.  I have already serviced a few weddings along side Lauren and her team, and each time, our bride can’t express enough of the amount of gratitude she feels for how easy the Twelfth Night Events team has made her entire planning process or even just the wedding day alone.  
If there’s one thing I have witnessed that sets Lauren apart from the crowd, it’s the heart that goes into her work; never losing sight of making her clients, (of whom become dear friends), feel listened to, feel cared for, and feel so special.  Just beware, couples have been known to love Lauren and her team so much they suffer withdrawals! 😉
I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do the job.  From the best organization, to the flawless venues and decor, this team is on top of it all.  I truly look forward to working more with Twelfth Night Events.  The size of our bride’s smile says it all. Bravo, Lauren!  You remind the entire service industry of what truly matters and you deliver it like no one else.”

12540954_972228499518814_1061258730362522701_n“Working with Lauren and her team at Twelfth Night Events is always a pleasure. I have seen them go above and beyond to ensure that everything is perfect for your wedding day. As a vendor their communication is always professional and reliable. I know that when I show up to deliver on the day of that everything will run smoothly and efficiently. They take so much care in the relationships they create with their Brides, that they treat each wedding like it’s their own.

Hiring a planner for your wedding day big or small will take the stress out of the event. You will have more time to enjoy all the moments that are so special leading up to the second you say “I do”. Twelfth Night Events is a wealth of knowledge. They take the guess work out of sourcing, they will pair you with the right vendors for the job. Every Bride I’m introduced to by them has been a perfect fit, and I feel so fortunate to have their trust to help create your special day.

As a corporate and charitable planning team they have created some of the most memorable events in the London area. I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to work with them in this busy industry. I’ve enjoyed watching this company grow over the past few years and can’t wait to see where their future takes them!”

Twelfth Night Events
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